Transmission oil filling machine "NEW GEN" + adapters JBMTransmission oil filling machine "NEW GEN" + adapters JBM
  • -€1,947.50
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Air conditioning charging machine JBMAir conditioning charging machine JBM
  • -€1,505.00
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The lifter is suitable for lifting cars and commercial vehicles.2 post electrohydraulic lift 4500kg. with electromagnetic locking, Evolution
  • Online only
  • -€250.00
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Modular workshop storage system 18 units JBMModular workshop storage system 18 units JBM
  • -€705.00
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Two-column electro-hydraulic lifter with magnetic locking 4 tons, 380VTwo-column electro-hydraulic lifter with magnetic locking 4 tons, 380V
  • Online only
  • -€150.00
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Our Latest News

Payment of goods

1. With cash

ATTENTION! It is NOT POSSIBLE to pay with cash in parcels or when ordering oversized goods (car service equipment)! Please pre-pay!

It is only possible to pay with your usual method - cash at the time of receiving the goods

  • store at Voldemāra Baloža street 13, Valmiera

2. Pay with a credit card/debit card (on the Internet)!

For your additional convenience, we offer payment by credit/debit card (on the Internet). By choosing this payment method, you can pay for your order immediately!

How to pay for an order with a credit/debit card (online):

  • enter the card number and on the other side the cvc number consisting of 3 digits.
  • Payment is secure, your data is protected with an SSL certificate.

If you choose to pay for your order with a credit/debit card (on the Internet), please familiarize yourself with the daily payment limits of your bank card before paying.

Be careful ! Payment by credit/debit card (on the Internet) is only possible if the bank that issued you the given card participates in the program for making secure purchases on the Internet (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa). After entering the bank card data, you may be sent to your bank's page to enter the security code required to verify your personal data. If the payment will not be approved, please contact your bank that has issued you a payment card or choose another payment method.

3. Payment of goods through the internet bank

In the online store, it is currently possible to pay with the internet banks of Swedbank, SEB, Luminor and Citadele banks.
How to pay for the order via internet banking:

  1. Complete the order and select your internet bank in the «Payment method» section.
  2. will redirect you to your internet banking page and transfer the data on the amount that needs to be paid to the internet banking system.
  3. Log in as usual on the Internet bank page, the selected goods will already be invoiced in the system. All you have to do is confirm the payment.
  4. After confirming the payment, press the button "Return to the service provider", and you will get back to

The data required to join the internet bank are used only for this purpose and are not transferred to the online store.

If you choose to pay for your order with a bank payment card, please familiarize yourself with the daily payment limits of your bank card before paying.

4. Payment of goods by bank card

Pay with your usual method - bank credit card or debit card at the time of receiving the product.

You can only pay by bank card

  • store at Voldemāra Baloža street 13, Valmiera

If you choose to pay for your order with a bank payment card, please familiarize yourself with the daily payment limits of your bank card before paying.

5. Bank transfer

When paying by bank transfer, specify the following details in the payment order:

Recipient: SIA "Warehouse 195"

Purpose of payment: Order no. payment
(Please indicate the purpose of the payment. Otherwise, your order may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding!)

Luminor bank: LV21RIKO0002930170295

Bank: AS Luminor
Bank code: RIKOLV2X

Swedbank: LV88HABA0551042983498

Bank: AS Swedbank
Bank code: HABALV22

6. Split payment


ESTO 3 – a payment method that allows you to pay for your purchases in 3 equal parts. within 3 months. No interest or commission . Just pay later!

You choose to pay in installments with the ESTO 3 payment method - pay for the shopping cart in three equal installments without interest or commission! Add the products to the shopping cart, confirm the order, choose ESTO 3 as the payment method and conveniently sign the transaction using Smart-ID or your internet bank.

  • If you pay the cost of your shopping cart in full and on time within three months, you will not be charged any additional fees.
  • The monthly payment amount is calculated by dividing the value of the shopping cart into three equal parts.
  • The minimum shopping cart amount to use ESTO 3 is 60 EUR.
  • ESTO 3 can be used by all residents of the Republic of Latvia between the ages of 18 and 70.

ESTO 3 payment method terms and conditions

The ESTO 3 payment method service provider is ESTO LV AS. Deciding to use this payment method is a financial decision involving risks and obligations, so you are advised to carefully consider your need for any loan products. The ESTO 3 year interest rate fee is 0% if the following model conditions apply: 0% interest rate, no other fees.

If you are unable to make payments according to the ESTO 3 schedule, your ESTO 3 contract will be terminated and the amount owed by you to ESTO LV AS will be considered as a credit drawn under the overdraft agreement and additional fees will be applied according to the overdraft agreement.

ESTO 3 payment methods provided by ESTO LV AS.
Phone: (+371) 662 222 50

7. Pay in installments

Have you ever tried to pay for a purchase in installments?
Do not postpone the purchase, receive the goods in installments immediately and pay in installments later! In cooperation with Inbank, we offer a great opportunity to turn large, one-time expenses into small monthly expenses.
How to buy goods in installments?

Conditions for purchasing a product in installments

  • Repayment period 3-72 months
  • Amount from 50 to 10,000 €
  • Early repayment in full is free of charge
  • Make a down payment if needed
  • The customer is not younger than 18 years
  • Monthly income is at least 350 EUR after tax
  • Positive credit history
  • The repayment amount is determined according to the borrower's income and the amount of existing obligations
  • For purchases over 1400 EUR – the mandatory down payment is 10%

8. Buy now, pay later

A new payment method Inbank split into parts.

Inbank split into parts is a payment solution that helps you to pay for purchases in our e-store even more conveniently. Inbank division into parts provides an opportunity to divide the purchase amount into 3 equal parts simply and without extra charge.

Splitting Inbank into parts is a smart way to get everything you need at once without overpaying. Inbank installments are always free of charge - no interest, contract fee or down payment.

  • Pays in 3 equal parts
  • €0 additional fees
  • For purchases up to €2,000
  • First payment after a month

Applying is easy

We offer the Inbank payment method in installments in cooperation with SIA "Inbank Latvia".
Read more about this payment method here .
SIA "Inbank Latvia"
Reg. No. 40103821436
+371 66 939 000